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The NECI Wild Crafting class will be hosting a five course Wild Foods Dinner at NECI on Main on Tuesday July 10 at 6:00 pm (open for cocktails at 5:30)

This is a ticketed event, with tickets sold through Brown Paper Tickets.

Price - $42 plus ticket processing fee and meals tax.

Purchase tickets at 


Tentative menu (based on availability of products gathered by the class) 

Wild Foods Amuse Bouche
Tempura Trio of Milk Weed Pod, Day Lily Blossom and Sedum with Dipping Sauces
Wild Greens Salad with Henbit, Wild Chervil, Violets and Wild Sorrel*
Smoked Trout with Day Lily and Sedum, Berkley Polypore Duxelles
Roast Quail with Chanterelles and wild food accompaniments* 
Itadori Tart with Wild Strawberries and Wild Gingersnap Crust 

WILD...Blossoms, Berries, Bulbs, Greens, Herbs, Mushrooms, Potherbs, Roots

*Potential Wild Food Items include (based on availability):
Sedum,  Red Clover  Blossoms,   Wild Leeks/Ramps,  Wild Grape leaves, Elder Blossoms, 
Wild Strawberries Cattail Shoots, Pollen  Day Lily Blossoms and Tubers  Pepperwort, Hen Bit
Violets, Itadori (Japanese Knot Weed),  Berkley Polypore,  Chanterelles,  Chicken of the Woods


About the Class

Over the course of our seven week term, students in New England Culinary Institute's Wild Crafting class have been learning to identify wild edibles, harvest them sustainably, and prepare them under the tutelage of Les Hook and Nova Kim, co-founders of the Wild Food Gatherers Guild. Les and Nova have over 80 years combined experience hunting in the woods and fields of Vermont for wild foods and medicines.  They are internationally renowned and have been featured presenters at the Smithsonian Folk Life & Culture Festival, The Native Food Summit in Santa Fe and the Terra Madre Conference in Turin Italy.