Living and Learning (and Eating)

The Montpelier area boasts a wide variety of restaurants, bookstores, boutique stores, theaters, sporting events, and other entertainment options within walking distance of campus. For students expanding their geographical horizons further afield, there are more opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing, frisbee golf, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snowshoeing, and camping than any one person has time for.

Just 35 minutes away, Burlington is a thriving college town at the edge of Lake Champlain with an even greater variety of recreational (and culinary) adventures. Burlington is home to Champlain College, University of Vermont, and St. Michael's College. There’s always something going on—on the waterfront, on Church Street, and in City Hall Park. Nationally known musical acts regularly tour through the town and summer music festivals are widespread.

A further two hours north, Montreal is a gorgeous city, full of internationally renowned museums, sports venues, amazing food markets, and an annual summer-long fireworks competition held every Saturday night.

Welcome to Life

Campus Life

A supportive community, a gorgeous part of the world, a chance to do what you love best—that’s life at NECI. Explore what the campus has to offer, including  residence life, dining at NECI and options in the Vermont area, on our Campus Life page and via the links below. To see the most recent events taking place at NECI, visit our Events Calendar and view the photo galleries on our Facebook Page.


There is always something going on at NECI.

Field trips, guest speakers, competitions like our Culinary Classic, pop-up restaurants, trips to local producers, visits to markets in nearby Montreal or Boston, wine tasting events, and movie or game clubs—our students are involved both on and off campus. We find all kinds of ways to celebrate and put our learning to good use!

Learn more about all of the options on our Activities page.

Fitness & Recreation

How To Stay in Shape and Be a Culinary Student

The Student Services department provides a broad program of sport, recreation and fitness activities for students to enhance their personal lifestyle and improve the quality of life on the New England Culinary Institute Campus.

To read more about ways to stay active at NECI, visit our Fitness & Recreation page.

Special Activities/Field Trips

Out and About

NECI provides an ongoing and varied series of speakers and guest lecturers. Recent guest speakers have included Alton Brown, creator and host of the Food Network’s Good Eats and Iron Chef America; Chef Daniel Boulud.

Field trips may be scheduled as part of the curriculum. Students may visit local restaurants, farmers’ markets, creameries, bakeries, fish and produce markets, a coffee-roasting plant, organic farms, and maple sugarhouses.

To learn more these outings and events, visit our Special Activities/Field Trips page.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

New England Culinary Institute is privileged to support many worthwhile organizations in the Vermont community. Our students take great pride in the work they do, volunteering over 1600 hours of service each year, in Vermont and throughout the nation.

To learn more about the many ways our students make a difference, visit our Community Outreach page.

Student Clubs

Student Clubs

Students are encouraged to form organizations related to their interests in the culinary arts and food service. In the past these groups have included a Food Photography Club, Art Club, Brewing Club, Herb and Vegetable Gardening Group, Cooking and Booking, Baking Club, Wines Study Group, Alliance Diversity Group, Knife Skills and Appreciation Group, American Culinary Federation junior chapter, SkillsUSA chapter, Food Service Careers Seminar, and a Slow Food chapter.

If a student is interested in joining or forming a student activity, club, or group, he or she should contact Student Services.

Student Government

Student Government

The Student Representative Council advises NECI administrators on school policies from the viewpoint of the student body. The Student Council reports student concerns to members of the administration. The Student Council also plans, approves, and coordinates student events.

Elections for the Student Council are held quarterly.

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors work in direct partnership with various departments to help in the recruitment of future students and represent NECI in various functions such as campus tours, orientations, speaking appointments, school fairs and community service events.

Learn more about this important service NECI student provide on our Student Ambassador page.

On Campus Employment

Need Some Extra Cash?

NECI participates in the Federal Work-Study Program. This is a need-based program based on your FAFSA data. We offer both on- and off-campus work opportunities. Students interested in our Work-Study Program can inquire with the Student Services Department once they arrive on campus.

For more information, see our On Campus Employment page.

Get The Full Experience

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