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Now Boarding!

Come join us as our students take us on an international culinary journey.  On August 24, NECI students proudly present: RoundTrip Street Cuisine.  A flavorful flight around the world.  

Space is limited so make your reservation today! 


Small Plates

Indian Samosa (V) - Fried pastry triangles, spiced lentil, carrots, tomato & sour pineapple chutney

Chinese Bao - Steamed bun, chinese BBQ pork belly, carrots & pickled onions

Mexican Tamales (GF & V) - Masa steamed in corn husk, choice of spiced chicken and sweet corn, queso fresco

Acapulcan Tacos de Lengua (GF) - Braised beef tongue, warm corn tortilla, salsa verde, pickled onion & queso fresco

Chicharrón - Crispy fried pork belly bites

Japanese Gyoza - Pan seared shrimp and vegetable dumplings, soy ginger dipping sauce

Nigerian Chicken Suya (GF) - Grilled spicy peanut marinated chicken skewers, african pepper & house yogurt sauce


"For Two"

Lechon Pork Belly (GF) - Lemongrass roasted pork belly, pineapple rice, blistered chilies & sour pineapple chutney

Caribbean Curried Lamb Roti - Lamb curry, potato & carrot, dressed lemon cucumber slices

Half-Meter Cheddar Bratwurst - 19 inches of bacon wrapped bratwurst, a brötchen roll, mustard, onions, sauerkraut

Middle Eastern Labneh Board - Olive oil & herb soft cheese balls, house spice blend, za'atar cracker & warm pita



Piri Piri Chicken (GF) - Grilled chicken leg & thigh, spicy african piri piri sauce, mashed sweet potato, black beans, house yogurt sauce

Puerto Rican Mofongo (GF & V) - Seasoned mashed plantains, BBQ jackfruit

Egyptian Kofta Kebab - Grilled lamb and beef sausage, tabbouleh, grilled pita & house yogurt sauce

Tortolan Fish Fungi (GF) - Pan seared red snapper, okra corn polenta & citrus tomato, onion & pepper sauce

Japanese Shioyaki - Seared wild alaskan salmon, nori salad & seasoned sushi rice



Latin Street Corn (GF & V) - Grilled cut corn, crema, queso fresco, chili & lime

Caribbean Callaloo (GF) - Braised greens, toamto, carrots, onions, habanero & thyme

Dominican Platanos (GF) - Fried plantains

Japanese Nori Salad - Greens, nori, cucumber, onion & tangy rice wine vinaigrette

Fresh Pita - Basket of warm pita



West African Spice Cake - Sweet potato and mango cake, spiced mangoes & coconut mousse

Chinese Tang Yuan (GF) - Chinese black sesame dumplings & a floral infused syrup

Filipino Turon - Filipino fried spring roll, sliced banana, jackfruit & caramel or fruit topping

Dominican Corn Pudding (GF) - Corn pudding - local sweet corn

Banana Ice Cream (GF & V) - Banana ice cream, chocolate, nuts, & fresh fruits

Dessert Trio - Tang Yuan, Turon, & Corn Pudding