Guest speaker Dewey Markham discusses winesSpecial Activities and Field Trips

Out and About

NECI hosts an ongoing and varied series of speakers and guest lecturers. Providing exposure to experts in all aspects of the food and beverage industry, these visitors often introduce students to new trends in the culinary and hospitality fields.

Recent guest speakers have included: Alton Brown, creator and host of the Food Network’s Good Eats and Iron Chef America; Chef Daniel Boulud;  Sidney Mintz, food anthropologist and professor emeritus of Johns Hopkins University; Chef Ana Sortun of Oleana in Cambridge; Ariane Daguin, owner of Dartagnan Foods; Eric Girerd, Chocolatier; and Dewey Markham, Bordeaux wine expert and James Beard award winning author.

Guest speakers have addressed subjects such as entrepreneurship, butchering, ice carving, wine tasting, chocolate, nutrition, food service sanitation and safety, culinary history, and drug and alcohol abuse awareness.

Field trips to various locations may be scheduled as part of the curriculum. Students may visit such places as local restaurants, farmers’ markets, creameries, bakeries, fish and produce markets, a coffee-roasting plant, local organic farms, and maple sugarhouses.