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Resident Assistants

The Residence Assistant (RA) Program is available to all returning students living on campus who are interested in being employed by NECI as part of the residence life team. Students who are chosen to be an RA must demonstrate themselves as positive role models and leaders. RAs are responsible for providing support services to fellow residents in a variety of ways. Developing community, enforcing school policies, supplying information, and maintaining a safe and comfortable living environment are just a few of the many responsibilities that are required of an RA. The Residence Life team wants to ensure that all students feel welcome, comfortable, and safe while living and learning at NECI and the RAs play a vital role in making this happen.

Formal requests for students to apply and interview for an RA position occur a month before the beginning of each new term. Returning students who are interested must submit an application and partake in the formal interview process. To be considered for the position of RA, students must possess personal and emotional maturity to cope with the serious and sensitive situations that often arise in residence hall settings. An RAs success lies in his/her reliability, integrity, and leadership ability.