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Based upon mutual concern for the continued growth of students pursuing food service-related studies and in an effort to provide a continuing articulated program that builds on past learning experience and eliminates unnecessary duplication of instruction, we mutually subscribe to the following:

  1. Students who have been awarded the ProStart National Certificate of Achievement (COA) by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) will be granted credits for certain introductory courses at New England Culinary Institute (NECI).
  2. To receive such credits, students must meet all admission requirements at NECI and must matriculate into NECI.
  3. Should a student fail to make satisfactory progress in the next higher level course, the student may be required to transfer back to a lower level course at the discretion of NECI.
  4. The NRAEF is responsible for ensuring that students who are awarded the ProStart National Certificate of Achievement have met all of the requirements for the certificate and for maintaining a system to enable all ProStart National COAs issued after November 1, 2014 to be verified by representatives of NECI.
  5. The NRAEF agrees to promote this articulation agreement in the National ProStart Collegiate Passport to ProStart Educators and students with information provided by the school in a format developed by NRAEF.

Course Number: CMAS1400

Course Description: Sanitation, Food Safety & Knife Skills*

Number of Credits: 1.0 semester credit through Assessment of Prior Learning
* Student must hold current ServSafe Manager's certification or will be required to take this exam prior to graduation. 

Course Number: CMCA1300

Course Description: Culinary Basics and the Production Kitchen**

Number of Credits: 2.0 semester credits through Assessment of Prior Learning
** Student must successfully complete CMAS1102 Cooking Theory or CMCA1300 will be required.

Note: Official NRA ProStart certification must be submitted prior to NECI enrollment for transfer credit to be honored.

Scholarships for ProStart Students

Scholarships offered specifically to ProStart students who have earned or will have earned a ProStart National Certificate of Achievement.

Scholarship Name: NRA ProStart Articulation

Amount: Scholarship $1,000 per year / renewable for 4 years, if qualified

Deadline: ProStart Certificate of Achievement must be submitted prior to acceptance to NECI.

Application & Eligibility Requirements: As part of this agreement, NECI agrees to:

  1. Waive the application fee for students applying prior to high school graduation.
  2. Evaluate student applications in a timely manner and grant acceptance to qualified students.
  3. Students accepted under this agreement are eligible for $4,000 scholarship ($1,000 each academic year) if they enroll in a start term within one year of high school graduation. Scholarship may be combined with other scholarships and offers of financial aid. The scholarship would not be awarded to students who have received scholarship offers covering the cost of tuition.
  4. The scholarship is renewable annually for up to four consecutive years if the student remains enrolled full time and demonstrates successful completion of each academic year.