Online FAQ’s

Q: What is Online Education?

A: Online Education is an opportunity to learn without the constraints of a classroom, in your own time, using a web based platform such as Blackboard, Angel, or in this case, Moodle.

Q: How do I enroll in an online program?

A: You can use the online course we have set up to see each of the steps to apply for admission. Our staff on campus will help you if you have any trouble! Connect with them at [email protected]

Q: What special equipment does a student need to own to be successful?

A: None, the only requirement is an internet connection. Tablets and phones are good for quick check-ins and an on-the-go post, but written assignments are more easily done on a machine with a full keyboard.

Q: Am I required to take all of the courses in sequence?

A: No. You are able to take a break at any time. The only challenge is that you will have to wait until that course is offered again to complete it.

Q: What special training does a student need to be successful in the online course?

A: None. We provide plenty of tutorials and online orientation materials to help you succeed. There are many strategies for success outlined for you as you begin your course/program.

Q: What are the challenges associated with this style of learning?

  • Not all students have a computer at home or an internet connection – you may have to use one at work (with permission of course!), go to the library, or find an alternative way to log in and complete assignments.
  • Not everyone is comfortable with technology.
  • Not everyone is comfortable with using the written word as a primary form of communication—many of our students LOVE to write; others perceive it as pure torture. We are committed to making the classes accessible for all of our students. While some of the content may require writing, there will be other ways to express your engagement within the new format. We are currently using multiple forms of assessment in order to promote “Universal Learning”.
  • Online Education requires the student to take on the responsibility of fulfilling the course requirements. There is not as much instructor “connection” – or rather, the connection feels very different.
  • Online Education requires motivation and consistent follow through on the student’s part – it is VERY challenging to stay engaged and on top of the work.

Q: Are there resources to help me with these challenges?

A: Yes. Both your instructor and the department chair, Peg Checchi, are invested in helping you SUCCEED. If you foresee challenges to your educational success, connect with them before a problem becomes too great.