NECI Alumni Association

The NECI Alumni Association's vision is to perpetuate mutual, professional support for alumni, enhance the relationship between alumni and NECI and increase the ability of NECI to recruit quality students. The Alumni Association seeks to reach these goals through the Alumni Ambassador Program, sponsoring the Distinguished Alumni Award, and hosting alumni events around the country.

The Alumni Association will bring its vision to life through the accomplishment of several goals.

  • Provide alumni and future alumni the ability to network in an efficient and mutually beneficial manner.
  • Perpetuate the NECI experience by raising awareness of and promotion of the exclusive network of NECI alumni.
  • Coordinate, promote, and encourage alumni participation in periodic alumni events, professional seminars, and educational opportunities.
  • Facilitate active communication and exchange between alumni and the NECI administration in matters of concern regarding educational objectives.
  • Forge positive relationships with outside institutions, which will promote good will and enhance the Alumni Association's mission.
  • Establish a scholarship fund to assist NECI in securing qualified students.
  • Raise and maintain a fiscally sound account of assets to aid the Association in its mission.

Alumni Association Board of Directors

David Potwin, 2015

Vice President
Sue Hoss, 2015

Directors at Large 
Desi Bourgeois, 2016
'Niffer Stackpole, 2017
David Patterson, 2016
Joey Buttendorf, 2017

Past President, ex officio
Hunter Satterwhite, 2013