Median Loan Debt

New England Culinary Institute is required to provide median loan debt information for students who have completed their academic program in the last three financial aid award years. The information is presented by program and loan type to include Federal Stafford Loans, Alternative Loans, and Institutional Loans, as required by federal regulations.

Median loan debt is based on the number of students who completed in the specific financial aid award year, and has been calculated by comparing the total amounts that students borrowed for each loan type, starting with $0 up to the maximum amount borrowed.

The debt reported for institutional financing is the amount the student still owes after leaving school. The private loan debt is the amount the institution knows the student received.

2011 – 2012

    Median Loan Debt
Program No. of Graduates Federal Loans Private Loans Institutional Loans
AOS Baking and Pastry 24 $7,554 $0 $0
AOS Culinary Arts 40 $8,461 $0 $250
AOS Hospitality and Restaurant Management 1 $9,625 $0 $2,000
BA Culinary Arts 31 $11,414 $0 $0
BA Hospitality and Restaurant Management 11 $10,544 $0 $0
BA Hospitality and Restaurant Management Online 28 $18,535 $0 $0
Certificate Professional Baking 7 $7,712 $0 $0
Certificate Professional Cooking 21 $3,152 $0 $0
Certificate Professional Pastry 10 $2,364 $0 $0