Financial Literacy

Be an informed consumer! Understand your educational debt and how to manage it!

Budget Calculator and Planning Tool For College Students


Education Loans are excellent resources to help make college affordable, but it is important that you borrow only the amount you need to cover costs. Pay attention to interest rates and repayment options, and keep in contact with your lenders and billing servicers once in repayment. You can monitor your federal loan debt, outstanding interest, servicer, and more at

If you borrowed a Federal Perkins Loan and/or an Institutional Opportunity Loan during your attendance at NECI, these loans are serviced by Campus Partners, NECI's billing servicer. You can view your account, update your contact information, and download deferment or forbearance forms at

If you borrowed an Alternative Education Loan through a private lender, remember to factor this loan into your monthly budget and keep in contact with your lender regarding loan repayment, difficulties in repayment, or address changes.

Understand your credit report! Did you know that you can get a free credit report? Go to

If you are having trouble making your monthly loan repayment, do not delay! Contact your lenders to set up a deferment.