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Career Services

Welcome to Career Services

We provide students with the necessary knowledge for educational growth and career advancement. 

Career Services is your primary resource for information, guidance, and support as you research and secure your externship and as you advance in your future career. We strive to not only provide information on jobs in the kitchen, but also to help you explore the many opportunities in the food service and hospitality world.

Externships are a highly rewarding experience for our students. Career Services has information on many properties and opportunities in all facets of the food service and hospitality industries. We are open every weekday and you are encouraged to set up an appointment or just stop by to talk about your externship options. During the first three months, you will learn more about the externship process in Professional Development classes. You will gain career experience through job searches, interviewing techniques, and resume writing, all of which are incorporated into the class. This class will introduce externship parameters and requirements, and the externship process.

Basic Information Regarding Externship (for AOS & BA students)

You may need to be flexible regarding geographic location. Due to economic and seasonal variations, certain areas are not appropriate for externship at different times of the year. We will advise you regarding availability and seasonality.

We highly encourage you to focus your research on our list of approved externship sites. These sites have a positive track record with NECI, and have proven to be progressive educational experiences. The approved sites vary greatly in terms of experiences.

Career Services knows these sites and can help you to look into the sites that are a personal fit for you and your needs. Additionally, you should utilize the tremendous people resources at NECI: faculty, administrators, classmates, and other students.

You must arrange for your own travel to your externship site and housing for that six-month period. Housing is not often provided by externship sites. Some sites do offer housing, and when it is offered there is usually a modest fee, which may be taken out of your paycheck or your rate of pay may be decreased.

We look forward to meeting and working with you to secure a rewarding externship!