For over thirty years, NECI has been one of the leading culinary colleges in the country. We are at the forefront of exciting changes in the way people grow, cook, prepare and serve food. Our school and our graduates have helped to transform not only what people eat in restaurants and dining facilities, but where the food is sourced, how hospitality businesses are managed and how we perceive food as a culture. We are committed to moving food and sustainable practices forward here in Vermont and beyond.

We are also committed to you and your future, helping you learn the skills you need to realize your own dreams, strengthen the old and discover the new passions that await you.

The admissions process at NECI is the beginning of a student's journey toward higher education and career goals. Our Admissions team works individually with incoming students to help them choose the program and the degree that will meet and exceed their goals.

We will also help you navigate the financial aid process, find NECI alumni in your town for you to meet, discuss the opportunities for you here on campus, plan a visit to meet our chef instructors, faculty and current students and do our best to give you all the information you need to make the best decision for you.