At a Culinary CompetitionCulinary Competition Representatives

Every year, thousands of students in culinary programs take part in culinary competitions hosted by ProStart, C-Cap and Skills USA, testing their skills and competing for scholarships to culinary schools. New England Culinary Institute contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars in the form of scholarship money to student teams, encouraging them to pursue a career in the diverse hospitality field. Though we would like to attend every event and congratulate the winners on their success, it is impossible for us to do so.

We are asking alumni who live near these competitions to support their community and attend these competitions on behalf of NECI. These events typically only take a few hours and are a great opportunity to network with other professionals and connect with young people pursuing their dreams. To get involved, check the two lists of calendar dates for ProStart and SkillsUSA.

To get involved, please fill out our online volunteer application form or email us at [email protected]!

Easy? You bet.