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Bachelor of Culinary Arts Online At A Glance

58 credits, 16 months

Semester 5 : 15 weeks
Semester 6 : 15 weeks
GE3000 Critical Issues in Leadership 3 GE3001 Ethics 3
BUS3004 Industry Technology in the 21st Century BAKE3001 International Desserts 3/3 CUL3000 Advanced Culinary Techniques BUS3001 Business Finance 3/3
MGMT3000 Operations Management Technical Elective 3 3/3 BUS3000 Entrepreneurship Technical Elective 4 3/3
5 classes 15 5 classes 15


Semester 7 : 15 weeks
Semester 8 : 15 weeks
GE3002 Entrepreneurial Finance 3 GE4000 Capstone 3
MGMT2002 Strategic Kitchen Management Technical Elective 5 3/4 DEEL3000 Exploring Sustainability   3
DEEL Kitchen Garden PORT4000 Experiencial Portfolio 3/4   DEEL3800 Advanced Food and Wine Pairing 3
5 classes 16 5 classes 12


General Education Core Classes:

GE3000 Critical Issues in Leadership
GE3001 Ethics
GE3002 Entrepreneurial Finance

Technical Electives:

DEEL4001 Allergens and Specialty Diets
DEEL3007 Global Cuisine
DEEL3200 Sous Vide
CUL3004 Wild Crafing (seasonal)

Nutritional Electives (prerequisite NUTR1001 Nutrition):

NUTR3000 Culinary Nutrition: Political, Cultural and Social Influences on Food Choices
NUTR3001 Culinary Nutrition: Building Optimal Flavor and Texture
NUTR3002 Culinary Nutrition: Nutrition from Birth to Death
NUTR3003 Culinary Nutrition: The Link Between Food and Diesease

Core Technical Classes:

CUL3000 Advanced Culinary Techniques
CUL3001 Advanced Meat Fabrication
DEEL3000 Exploring Sustainability: Practices in Preservation
BUS3000 Entrepreneurship
MGMT3000 Ooperations Management
BUS3001 Business Finance