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Computer Requirements, Information Technology, and Online Learning

The use of technology is widespread in the food and beverage industry and NECI is committed to preparing students to be comfortable and well versed in a variety of electronic resources, including communication, software applications, online research, and using an online learning platform. Students will receive an introduction to the school’s technological resources at orientation and will have class time devoted to the use of various software applications.

Students in all programs will receive a NECI email address, access to the school’s student information portal, and access to the school’s online learning platform, Moodle. Students are expected to use their NECI email address for all communications with faculty and staff at the school.

Residential Programs

Students in all resident degree programs are required to bring their own laptop and printer. This requirement allows students greater flexibility in completing assignments.

Online course work is a part of all programs at NECI, from projects, assignments, electronic course materials, and discussions supplemental to residency work, to fully online class offerings in some programs. All residential students are expected to participate in an Externship Connection course during their externship. This course includes regular electronic communication with the school. Internet access will be necessary while on externship.

Please see the Computer Requirements section in the Student Handbook for more information, or contact the Office of Admissions for specific requirements.

Online Programs

Students enrolling in the fully online versions of the programs must have access to adequate computer resources.

Students applying to a fully online program must possess the minimum computer requirements as outlined at Computer Requirements for Online Courses.

In addition to the appropriate hardware requirements, it is highly recommended that students be comfortable in a Web 2.0 environment. All courses will require the student to upload and download materials and to utilize spreadsheets, word processing, and/or picture management software. Additional software, available at little or no cost to the student, may be required in some courses. Examples include products such as Skype or VoiceThread. Lab courses will require students to use a digital camera and have the ability to upload photographs and/or take video for assignments.