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Welcome Graduates of Community Kitchen Academy!

For graduates who wish to continue their postsecondary education with New England Culinary Institute, our two schools are working together to make your educational transition simple. The following are some of the benefits CKA graduates can expect if they would like to pursue a Certificate, an Associate's or Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry Arts, or Food and Beverage Business Management.* This agreement is available to graduates of CKA who enroll at NECI within one year of graduation.

As part of this agreement, NECI agrees to:

  1. Waive the application fee for students applying prior to CKA program completion.
  2. Evaluate student applications in a timely manner and grant acceptance to students who:
    • Receive a CKA Chef instructor's letter of recommendation for outstanding performance
    • Have a 90% or higher class attendance rate
  3. Students accepted to NECI Associate or Bachelor's degree programs under this agreement are aligible to apply for credit under NECI's Assessment of Prior Learning policy. Based on current assessment of CKA program curricula, students who successfully complete CKA program courses and have demonstrated outstanding performance may request transfer credit for the following NECI courses:
    • CMCA 1300 Culinary Basics 3.0 credits
    • CMAS 1400 Sanitation & Safety** 1.0 credit
    • CMPD 1300 Professional Development 0.5 credit
  4. Students accepted to a degree program under this agreement are eligible for a $4,000 scholarship ($1,000 scholarship each academic year) if they enroll in a start term within one year of CKA graduation. The scholarship may be combined with other scholarships and offers of financial aid, but may not exceed half of the total cost of tuition. Students accepted for the Certificate program will be eligible for a one-time scholarship award of $500.00.
  5. Renew scholarship annually for up to four consecutive years if the student remains continuously enrolled full time and demonstrates successful completion of each academic year.

* Certificate in Food and Beverage Business Management is not offered at NECI.
** Current ServSafe Certificate must be submitted.

If you have any questions regarding agreements, please contact the Admissions Office at [email protected] or 877.223.6324.