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Articulation Agreements


Thank you for your interest in partnering with NECI to help make the next generation of leaders in the fields of Culinary Arts, Baking & Pasty Arts and Food and Beverage Business Management! Here are some of the benefits your students can expect from an articulation agreement with NECI.








Applicants graduating from your school will be guaranteed acceptance to our programs. NECI is happy to honor this agreement for your students even while we're finalizing the details. 

An articulation agreement with your school represents the trust we have in the culinary preparation you provide students. As a thank-you for the work you and your students do, applicants are guaranteed to be awarded at least one of our Excellence scholarships.

With a deeper look at your school’s curriculum, it’s possible that an applicants high school experience can count towards covering foundational classes. Not only does this accelerate their college education, it also saves students money.


Setting up an articulation agreement is easy, whether revisiting an existing agreement or forming one anew, follow these steps:


Fill Out This Form

Let us know you're interested in establishing an articulation agreement to begin the process and we will be in touch to get the process underway.  Click here to fill out the form.


Let Your Seniors Know Now!

We are happy to honor our pending agreement, even as we work out the details, for students graduating this Spring. They should apply now so we can process their apps and get them admitted.   


Order Up a NECI 'Swag Bag'

Filled with materials to post around your school, email to students, and have on hand in your guidance office, we'd love to get you some more info to share about NECI. Letting your students know about this opportunity is key!  


Consider Scheduling a Demo with a NECI Chef

Seeing is believing and you can help your students get a taste of NECI without having to leave school.  Our Demo Chef will be happy to visit your school, pending availability.  


Leverage our Dual Enrollment Courses to supplement your existing curriculum (Vermont Schools Only)

Support your students to get a head-start on their college educaiton. They are eligible to earn both high school and college credit for DE classes. Not only does this help prepare them for college, it saves them both time and money once they arrive at NECI. Some schools choose to enroll entire classes as part of their curriculim. 


Schedule a Tour or Preview Day Visit

You and your students can see, smell, hear, and taste what NECI is all about. 


Share the News on Social Media!

Let your community know about our collaboration and the work you do to advance the education you provide.   Find us on Instagram and Facebook!