The NECI Alumni Network

Our illustrious alumni include the Food Channel’s Alton Brown; St. Regis Hotel and Starwood Luxury Collection Manager—Matthew Gabree; London Whole Foods Team Leader—Gerry Beck; Porterhouse Steakhouse in Hong Kong—James Fortier; Allechante Pastry Chef—Carmen Allen; Owner, Spoon and Stable—Gavin Kaysen; and many, many more.

No matter what you choose for your career path, there are NECI alumni worldwide who are ready to help you achieve your goals. You become part of the NECI Network with access to career opportunities and experience, to a huge knowledge-base of career professionals all of whom understand the rigor of the NECI education. As your own career takes shape, you can also become a mentor to current students and recent graduates!

Reach out to us here on campus and to your fellow alumni to learn more ways to become involved!

“Each day I apply principles learned during my tenure at NECI, through my three amazing externships, and the relationships that I have built over the last 15 years.

“When I look back on my decision to attend NECI, the primary driver was the low student-to-instructor ratio. I knew that with more hands-on learning and more immediate access to Chef-Instructors and Educators, I would learn more and be a stronger candidate to prospective employers after graduation.

“This has certainly been the case. Since graduating from NECI, I have enjoyed exciting growth positions within several Fortune 500 companies. Just this year, my position has taken me all around the USA, to Bali, Indonesia, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and The Netherlands. In hindsight, my externships opened invaluable professional doors for me, provided exclusive opportunities, and helped me establish relationships that I still value today—5 years later.”

—Matthew Gabree, New York, NYAOS Culinary Arts 1995 and BA Food & Bev Mgmt 2000
Manager of Global Guest Initiatives, St. Regis and The Luxury Collection – Starwood