Admissions Requirements

NECI has a selective and limited admissions process that evaluates each candidate individually. Applicants are admitted to New England Culinary Institute when they demonstrate to the Admissions Committee an attitude and aptitude for success. Our admissions requirements include:

Program Admissions Requirements:

The requirements for all degree and certificate programs are:

  1.  A completed online application
  2.  Official high school transcripts or high school equivalency (GED transcript)
  3.  Official college transcripts from an accredited school or agency (if applicable)
  4.  Letter of reference
  5.  An essay of 500 words is required of all bachelor’s (BA) applicants. (No essay is required to apply to certificate and AOS programs.)
  6.  Interview with admissions
  7.  IT literacy aptitude
  8.  Resume (if applicable)

There is an application fee of $35.00 which, upon your enrollment, will be applied to your tuition charges once you begin classes.

While SAT/ACT scores are not required, if you have taken the SAT and/or ACT, the college recommends that you submit the scores.  Applicants may wish to voluntarily submit supplemental materials to enhance their application.

Interviews can be conducted over the telephone or in person. 

All complete applications are reviewed by NECI’s Review Committee. The Office of Admissions reserves the right to request additional information for the review committee to gauge the applicant’s eligibility. Applicants may also be asked to spend some time in a NECI class environment with instructors or take a written assessment test to demonstrate the ability to succeed in the program.

A tour of NECI’s facilities and campus is always strongly recommended.

Please request that your official transcript be mailed to the address below or sent electronically to [email protected].

New England Culinary Institute
7 School Street
Montpelier, VT 05602