About the Library

What does the NECI Library offer?

We have an excellent collection of print books, including everything from chef memoirs and cookbooks to reference works on the history and geography of your favorite wines. We also have DVDs, audiobooks, and access to several high-quality online sources for reference books, journal articles, business databases, and more.

Who uses the NECI Library?

You do! If you are a NECI student, faculty, staff, or alumni, we encourage you to use the library’s resources. All others are welcome to visit, browse the shelves, and use items in-house. Guest borrower privileges may be granted at the discretion of NECI’s Librarian. A library deposit may be requested from guest borrowers and then given back when all library items have been returned.

How do I find library materials?

Stop by the library at 7 School Street in Montpelier, search our online catalog, or log in to one of our many databases. Email us for help logging in from an off-campus computer.

How long can I keep materials?

Students: Books (print and audio): 2 weeks; DVDs: 1 week; Magazines: 1 week
Faculty/Staff: Books: 60 days; Audio books: 2 weeks; DVDs: 1 week; Magazines: 21 days
Alumni: Books (print & audio): 2 weeks; DVDs: 1 week; Magazines: 1 week

How do I renew materials?

If no other patrons are waiting, items may be renewed once. Renewals may be made by calling the library at 802.225.3345, emailing, or by stopping by in person.

How do I return materials?

Borrowed items should be returned to the NECI Library at 7 School Street. Please see the Librarian or a Student Assistant during open hours, or return materials at any time through the convenient drop slot.

What if something I need is already checked out?

You can request a hold on an item that is checked out to another library patron. When the item is returned, we will contact you.

How do I access class reserves?

Instructors may place books, articles, and videos on Reserve for specific courses. These items are shelved in the Library Reference Room for quick access by students in the course. Reserve materials cannot be checked out and must be used either in the library or in the servery.

What about other resources outside the NECI Library?

Kellogg-Hubbard Library

In addition to the NECI Library, NECI students are encouraged to use Montpelier’s public library, Kellogg-Hubbard Library, at 135 Main Street. A $10 deposit and a NECI student ID are required for borrowing privileges. The deposit will be refunded when all materials are returned. Individuals are responsible for any fines and fees.

Interlibrary Loans

Interlibrary loan is available for requesting items not owned by the NECI Library or available through its online databases. Interlibrary Loan service is limited to NECI students, staff, and faculty. Other patrons are encouraged to place interlibrary loan requests through their public library. Please keep in mind that many libraries are willing to loan books, books on CD, or to send copies of articles. Textbooks, DVDs, and rare items are less likely to be loaned out.

Members of the NECI community can place interlibrary loan requests in person at the library, or via phone (802.225.3345) or email.


As a courtesy, overdue notices will be sent to your student email address. Failure to receive a notice does not exempt you from fines. It is the patrons’ responsibility to return or renew all items on or before the date on which they are due. Prior to graduation, all materials must be returned and any fines paid in full.

If an item is not returned after three notices, or prior to when the student leaves campus, students will be charged the market rate for the item (i.e. what the item can be purchase for via a bookstore or online) plus a $5 processing fee. 


Lost or replacement charges can be paid through Student Accounts.

Lost or Damaged Items

Borrowers who lose items, or damage them significantly enough to warrant replacement, will be charged a replacement fee of the market rate for the item, plus a $5 processing fee.