Dr. Milan MilasinovicA Message from the President

I am honored to welcome you to our vibrant and passionate community, and I commend you for taking the initiative to embrace formal education and start a new chapter in your life. The path you are considering will provide you with more than a career or a formal education. It will fulfill your lifelong pursuit of learning and improvement. It will require hard work and persistence, but it will be rewarding and fun too.

From the beginning when New England Culinary Institute (NECI) opened in 1980, the school offered an experience that was different from any other culinary school. NECI’s culinary classrooms were not only practice kitchens or echoing lecture halls. They were and still are high-profile restaurants, bakeries, and retail outlets. At NECI, you learn by living it!

NECI is small and intimate by design. The rigorous, standards-based curriculum taught in all departments requires constant attention to students’ work and progress. Students cannot go to the next level in any program without mastering the skills and understanding the techniques behind the theory. Classes are small enough so instructors become mentors with insight into how and where one can make the most meaningful contribution—and have a great life doing it! NECI is designed for personal attention and individual assistance.

NECI is student centered and students participate in shared governance. Operations are designed to support students with a unique six layers of student support: mentorship for academic success, coaching, counseling, tutoring, career and financial advising. NECI is the college designed around students’ needs. Every resident program at NECI includes at least one externship. The possibilities are endless because NECI externs are truly in demand. Why? Because their kitchen skills combined with 21st century skills and a positive attitude for continuous learning are highly appreciated.

NECI is located in Vermont, which is not only a gorgeous place to live, full of exciting things to do in every season; it is also at the forefront of a farm-to-table revolution. The students at NECI visit the local farmers, cheese makers, brewers, wine makers, composters, organic seed producers, CSA managers, and resort and restaurant owners that make this state unique. Each one is a part of the growing community of food professionals who are changing the way food tastes, the way crops are grown, the methods of food production, and how food is distributed. The landscape and the people within it are an extension of NECI’s campus.

A NECI education propels you out into the real world, building your professional network and finding your place in the fascinating food and beverage industry. A NECI education opens a world of possibilities!

Visit us on campus or online to get a taste of NECI’s uniqueness.

I wish you good luck and all the very best on your educational journey.

Dr. Milan Milasinovic