Introducing Student Blogger Matt Skobrak – BA Culinary

Editor’s note – This is the introductory installment of Stepping Up To The Plate, a Media and Communications guided study project. As with our public restaurants, constructive feedback is welcome and encouraged so that our students can best learn by living it. Check in weekly in the coming months for new posts from student blogger Matt.

Matt Skobrak

Student Blogger Matt Skobrak - BA Culinary

Stepping Up To The Plate

Hello readers! My name is Matt Skobrak, and I am a BA Culinary student here at NECI. I’m excited to be underway in a Media and Communications guided study under direction from NECI’s academic and marketing departments. I hope to bring NECI’s “learn by living it” educational experience to life in my future posts. 

Food blogs have become one of the most popular forms of food entertainment and information. This independent study is giving me the opportunity to learn about running a successful food blog and create content for wide audiences. A major part of this independent study will consist of a weekly contribution to NECI’s Futures in Food blog. Prior to this first post I was assigned a research project in which I studied six blogs: three culinary blogs and three collegiate blogs.

From my research I have gathered that successful blogs have certain things in common:

  • Stimulating content
  • Engaging pictures
  • Interesting/helpful videos
  • Consistentent delivery/tone
  • Recipes
  • A unique perspective
  • Either formal or casual style writing
  • First person (third person for brand blogs)
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Easily consumed

Another assignment was to come up with a name. “Stepping Up To The Plate” references that this is a new project for myself and for NECI. The idiom means to “accept or take on a challenge.”  Chefs, bakers, hospitality professionals, and food scholars are increasingly digital. As the Futures in Food student blogger, my goal is to utilize the growing marketplace of digital media. If all goes to plan, I’ll also tell many fun behind the scenes stories along the way. 

I am very excited about this project, and look forward to the experience ahead of me. Check back next week when I kick off my month long “What Are We Going To Do With All of This Zucchini?” segment. I will be reporting to you the interesting ways the chefs and students at NECI are utilizing this bountiful ingredient at the height of its season.

About Student Blogger Matt – Originally from Griswold, CT Matt’s been interested in photography, editing, design, marketing and all things digital since high school. He is enrolled in NECI’s BA Culinary Program and did his first internship at Crabapple Farm in Chesterfield, MA. He’s been employed in the restaurant industry for seven years and hopes to get his Master’s in Gastronomy after graduation from NECI.

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