NECI Room and Board Plan

NECI Room and Board Form

Accepted Students!

This form must be completed by ALL incoming students including those who decide not to reside in NECI housing.
For those who do, we will use the information you provide for roommate assignments. All housing is co-ed, alcohol-free and double occupancy.
Please note that students are expected to move into campus housing on the first day of orientation.

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Application for Housing

Students required to live in campus housing must submit a housing application to indicate preferences. All students in the First Academic Year of degree and certificate programs are required to live in campus housing unless they meet one or more of the following criteria:

1. Commute within 1 hour from campus from the home of a parent or adult relative

2. Are married or in a common-law marriage

3. Have children or another person that they are responsible for providing care

4. Are 25 years or older

Students requesting exceptions besides those listed above may submit a written request to the Residence Life Coordinator.

NECI will make every effort to provide housing to all students whenever possible. However, housing is not guaranteed for every student, and unless a housing application is filled out and submitted by the indicated deadline, it is unlikely that rooms will be available.

All students are required to participate in a board plan. Students will be provided a meal in lab classes. Below you are selecting whether you would like 1 or 2 additional meals per day.

This application is for residence during the academic term specified or the dates specified above. Accepted applications are for indicated dates only. Applicants must re-apply for housing or complete an extension of stay form for stays beyond the contract period. Housing is for students enrolled in NECI's academic programs. Non-residency students who are affiliated with NECI may apply for housing, but abide by all NECI policies contained in the housing agreement and the latest Student Handbook.

New England Culinary Institute reserves the right to refuse an application for residence accommodation, to cancel residence privileges at any time, and to reassign residents to other living spaces for reasons it deems appropriate.

By signing below and submitting this application, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

1.Students are expected to abide by all conduct and housing policies set forth in the Student Handbook.

2.The housing agreement is for the student’s entire residency term. Students must apply for any extension of housing privileges beyond the resident term.

3.Fees for Room and Required Board are charged to the Student’s account at the beginning of each term and are payable in advance in accordance with NECI Student Financial Policies as published in the most current Student Handbook and Financial Aid Fact Book.Students who choose to vacate student housing for any reason should refer to the Refund Policy in the Academic Catalog.

4.All students are required to participate in NECI’s board plan.

5.This Agreement is non–transferable and can not be assigned.All activities for commercial purpose or profit whatsoever are prohibited.

6.Occupancy is ONLY for the undersigned Student.Extended visits by non-active NECI Students or guests are prohibited.Students found in violation of the extended stay prohibition are subject to additional charges up to a full term residency charge.

7.NECI Student Services will honor room requests when possible, but cannot guarantee specific room assignments.Should the need arise; NECI reserves the right to use unoccupied spaces in a room or relocate students.No guarantee is made concerning the number of occupants in a room.Standard occupancy levels will not be exceeded unless emergency conditions prevail.If a single-room request cannot be honored, any surcharge will be returned to the student.NECI may, if necessary, consolidate room vacancies so that a building or unit may be taken out of service for repair, improvement, or increased efficiency.

8.NECI requires the student to vacate NECI Student Housing and cease using institutional dining facilities after he or she withdraws or drops out.See the NECI Refund Policy regarding charges.

Maintenance Policies

1.NECI provides janitorial and housekeeping services for all common areas, stairways, and bathrooms.

2.The student is responsible for maintaining an appropriate, reasonable and professional level of cleanliness in both the individual room and common spaces.Failure to maintain cleanliness will result in forfeiture of these services without refund or credit until the condition of the space is improved.

3.The student agrees to act responsibly in the care and use of the room, common facilities, NECI property and to respect the rights of others within NECI Student Housing and all NECI facilities.Detailed housing policies and procedures are outlined in the Student Handbook.

4.NECI is not liable for the loss of money or valuables by any person or the loss or damage to any resident's property.Personal property is left in the rooms at the owner's own risk. Personal items left at the end of a term or after a student has vacated the premises will not be stored.NECI recommends that students purchase renters insurance.

By signing and submitting this application, you are applying and contracting for residential space in NECI-sponsored Student Housing for your residency period. NECI reserves the right to refuse an application for housing, to cancel housing privileges at any time, or to reassign residents to other spaces for reasons deemed appropriate.

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