Disabilities Services Survey

Disabilities Services Survey

Disabilities Services Survey for New Students

New England Culinary Institute (NECI), under Federal requirements (Section 504/ADA), will make accommodations in the learning and instructional environment to meet the documented needs of students with disabilities. The general academic regulations and graduation requirements of NECI will remain identical for all students with or
without disabilities.

Do you have learning disabilities or attention issues that may require accommodations for you to learn during residencies according to program regulations?

Do you have physical or psychological impairments (health, motor function, or psychological/emotional) that may require accommodations for you to function during residencies according to program regulations?

Please note: It is your responsibility to provide official documentation of a disability to the Learning Services Coordinator. If the professional diagnosis is more than three years old, it may need to be updated before NECI can provide services. Permanent physical disabilities are exempt from this three‐year limit. NECI is not required to arrange for or provide for diagnostic testing.

If you wish to seek reasonable accommodations for a disability, contact the Learning Services Coordinator.

I have read the above and understand that it is my responsibility to provide documentation in a timely fashion if I wish to receive accommodations. These records will be used only by the Learning Services Coordinator to determine what services or accommodations may be required and will be kept strictly confidential.