Online Degree Requirements

Online Degree Requirements

Required Lab Materials
The bachelors in Baking & Pastry Arts and Culinary Arts online programs require the purchase of limited quantities of food or beverage ingredients for labs and assignments.  Whenever possible, these ingredients are common household items whose costs are minimal.  Textbook purchases are not included in tuition charges.

Spanish Language and Culture Requirements

"U.S. Hispanics are an increasingly important customer base for the foodservice industry - they make some 6 billion restaurant visits and spend $30 billion annually. About half of U.S. Hispanics are bilingual; only one-fifth primarily speak English at home. How and when Hispanics use restaurants differs depending on their primary language, whether they are English-dominant or Spanish-dominant." ("U.S. Hispanics at Foodservice - Q1 2012 vs. Q1 2011." Consumer Trends. NPD Group, 01 Sept. 2012. Web. 23 July 2014

NECI believes that all students need to be prepared for the prevalence of Hispanic guests and workers who wield influence in the food and beverage industry and, as such, our Bachelor's programs have a Spanish Language and Culture requirement. NECI offers a five credit intensive Spanish Language and Culture class. Using interactive technology and web conversational tools, our instructors will help you to master an understanding of this beautiful language.

Students who have completed college level Spanish courses may transfer credit in lieu of taking required courses, as outlined in the Transfer policy in the Academic Catalog.

Native Spanish speakers may earn credit for Spanish language through external proficiency testing.  Students are responsible for arranging this testing on their own, as well as for any associated costs.  Students must submit official documentation of test scores and appropriate test-level descriptions. One example of an organization offering such proficiency testing is the College Board’s Spanish CLEP program.  CLEP Spanish Level 1, with a minimum score of 50, would be accepted for 5 credits. Click here for additional information. Other testing organizations may be used.  NECI Assessment of Prior Learning credit will be awarded in accordance with the recommendations of the American Council on Education.

Our admissions advisors are here to help guide you through the admissions process and to answer any questions that you may have about admissions requirements, tuition or program curriculum  for your online baking and pastry degree.

To be successful in our online bachelor degree program, specific hardware and software are needed; these are listed in our computer requirements. Please consult your admissions advisor if you have any questions or concerns.

Required Computer Specifications
Students applying to the fully online BA in Baking and Pastry Arts program must possess the minimum computer requirements as outlined under Computer Requirements.

In addition to the appropriate hardware requirements, it is highly recommended that students be comfortable in a Web 2.0 environment. All courses will require the student to upload and download materials and to utilize spreadsheets, word processing, and/or picture management software. Additional software, available at little or no cost to the student, may be required in some courses; examples include products such as Skype or Voicethread.  Lab courses will require students to use a digital camera and have the ability to upload photographs for assignments.

For complete admissions requirements, click here.

We encourage you to apply well enough in advance of a term in order to facilitate your orientation and to allow time for you to acquire your books and other necessary resources.