BA in Food and Beverage Business Management - Online

Bachelors of Arts in Food & Beverage Business Management - Online

Accelerate your career with an Online Bachelor of Arts in Food and Beverage Business Management from New England Culinary Institute. A bachelor's degree will open doors within the hospitality industry. Do you have a hot new idea for a food-based business? Have you ever considered becoming a food writer? Or maybe you've always wanted to open a restaurant of your own. This bachelor's degree goes beyond the basics of culinary education to provide a sound foundation in the principles and key teachings related to management within the hospitality setting.

The food and beverage industry is a hot growth area with many different possibilities and a bright future for professionals with the right training. With a degree from NECI, you'll be fully equipped for a variety of positions within the food and beverage industry. You'll have an understanding of the management functions required to run a professional food and beverage operation, from hiring personnel and maintaining accounts to purchasing and inventory control. We emphasize entrepreneurship, strategic planning, and leadership skills so that you'll be able to translate your vision into a successful restaurant or related business.

Defined Outcomes

  • To provide intensive practical training and skill refinement, especially as the student looks towards food & beverage business management or ownership.
  • To help students develop the attributes of a trained food & beverage management professional
  • To explore the theory behind our profession – why do we do things the way that we do?  What is our legacy?  What is our heritage?
  • To build a foundation in the business aspects of the food & beverage industry, including purchasing, safety, cost control, financial and human resource management, and ethical and legal decision making.
  • To develop the personal and professional skills needed to succeed, including professional communications, time management, business etiquette, self-awareness, community relations, and team creation.
  • To improve critical and creative thinking skills, such as problem solving, information literacy, and quantitative reasoning.
  • To expand student awareness of history, art, science, and language.

To enroll in NECI's Online Bachelor's program in Food and Beverage Business Management, you must have:

  • Minimum of sixty (60) credits from an accredited institution that will be evaluated by the college.
  • Current or relevant experience in the food service/hospitality industry.

New England Culinary Institute is required to disclose information regarding the on-time graduation rates, the placement rates, tuition and fees, occupational opportunities, and the median loan debt of students who have completed our degree and certificate programs.

Bachelor in Food, Beverage and Business Management (Online Program)  (2016)