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Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts - Online

Today's chefs are required to have an understanding of marketing, financial management, human resource management, current issues such as sustainable practices, trends and nutrition; skill sets that promote your overall abilities and compliment your passion for cooking. There is no question that school can help you grow in the field. 
The question is: "When will I find the time to go back to school?"

If not now, when?  The flexibility of NECI's online learning programs allows students to hone their skills, challenege their beliefs and deepen their undertanding. These programs are designed with the working chef in mind; building upon previous experience and education while expanding vision, passion and creativity. On the very first day of your course work, you begin learning the techniques and skills for success from industry proven chefs and business faculty.

Defined Outcomes of the BA Culinary Degree program:

  • To explore the theory of food, including food science, nutritional cooking, sustainability, menu development, taste and flavor, gastronomy, artistic presentation, food and wine pairing.
  • To build a foundation in the business aspects of the culinary industry, including purchasing, safety, cost control, financial and human resource management.
  • To develop the personal and professional skills needed to succeed, including professional communications, time management, business etiquette, self-awareness, community relations, and team creation.
  • To improve critical and creative thinking skills, such as problem solving, information literacy, and quantitative reasoning.
  • To expand student awareness of history, art, science, and language.

To enroll in NECI's Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts you must have:

  • Minimum of sixty (60) credits from an accredited institution that will be evaluated by the college.
  • Relevant experience in the food service/hospitality industry.

New England Culinary Institute is required to disclose information regarding the on-time graduation rates, the placement rates, tuition and fees, occupational opportunities, and the median loan debt of students who have completed our degree and certificate programs.

Bachelor of Culinary Arts (Online Program) (2016)