Computer Requirements

Computer Requirements for Online Courses

Minimum Requirements for PC Users:
Hardware and operating system: Pentium 4 processor with Windows XP (SP3) or higher
Capacity: Memory: at least 2 GB RAM; Hard drive: at least 60 GB, CD-ROM/DVD drive
Communications: Network adapter, broadband internet access
Additional hardware: Sound card, speakers, digital camera
Software: Microsoft Office 2007 that includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Virus scanning software. Microsoft Office is the document format used by the institution. Students are expected to submit all work in a compatible format. Acceptable substitutions include Google Docs and/or Open Office.

NECI's web based resources such as the online learning platform and student e-mail require an up-to-date web browser. We recommend Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or higher.
Computer Specifications: In addition to the appropriate hardware requirements, it is highly recommended that students be comfortable in a Web 2.0 environment. All courses will require the student to upload and download materials and to utilize spreadsheets, word processing, and/or picture management software. Additional software, available at little or no cost to the student, may be required in some courses; examples include products such as Skype or Voicethread.  Lab courses will require students to use a digital camera and have the ability to upload photographs for assignments.
Optional components:

Printer: Color printer, toner, paper, and associated cables. Surge protection: Surge protector, UPS

Minimum Requirements for Mac Users:
For students preferring an Apple computer, a Mac with equivalent specifications may be used. Examples are the Apple 13" MacBook OR Apple 15" MacBook Pro. Note that a small percentage of the applications used at the institution do not integrate efficiently with all aspects of the OSX platform.