Culinary Business Degree | Food and Beverage Management Degree VT

Food and Beverage Business Management: Working for Yourself; Working for the Public

Day 1: Table setting

Day 90: How to open your own restaurant


"Our management programs attract students who have intense entrepreneurial spirits. Graduates leave here with a solid understanding of how to run a business or open one.”
--Michelle Ford, Dean of Food and Beverage Business Management Program

Become a Leader

The first step for many students is learning about the many possible careers there are in Food and Beverage Business Management! Once you find your niche, you can begin acquiring the skills you will need.  Finance, human resources, technology, service, purchasing and communication are only a few of the areas that you will need to understand for career advancement in management or entrepreneurship.

Troubleshooting 101

Our “whole person” education, in the classroom and in the field, will develop your critical and creative thinking skills so that you can begin your career with confidence. You’ll know how to deal with inevitable crises, how to make menu adjustments, and how to manage people.

Professors and Role Models

Our instructors have impressive careers as industry professionals and will teach you how to put theory into practice every day. We’ll help you choose and prepare you for careers that might not even exist yet!

Consider the Guest: Grace Under Pressure

This concept is at the heart of our program. Anticipating the needs and desires of the people we serve--being proactive-- is not always instinctual! Interpersonal skills are every bit as important as knife skills!

One House: Break Down the Wall

The future of the restaurant business increasingly depends on breaking down the old wall between the front of the house and the back of the house. NECI students know what its like to work in both.


“After NECI, I understand the business—I’m comfortable in restaurants. I relate well to my customers. I feel that they respect me.”
--Rob Swan ’05


“I worked in the business for several years (I’m 35) and realized that I would need a degree to move into management. NECI offered me a very generous scholarship that made it possible for me to get that degree. I learned so much at NECI—about what I want to do and what I don’t want to do! I took a Finance class that convinced me I do not want to own my own restaurant—I’m very happy managing! I hope to work in fine dining, perhaps manage the wine list. My current favorite wine? Pinot Noir.
--Rhonda Wheaton, ‘14


We offer:

  • Associate of Occupational Studies in Food and Beverage Business Management--A 15-month program that includes nine months of classroom work, intensive hands-on learning in the public restaurants and operations of NECI, and a 700-hour internship. *AOS FBBM program is available for October enrollment only.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Food and Beverage Business Management--A 15-month degree program (beyond the associate degree or other qualifying educational credits and industry experience) that includes six months of intensive classroom work and project-based learning, and one 9-month, non-resident term. The non-resident term includes online coursework and one 700-hour internship.

For more information regarding our programs, including graduation rates and median loan debt of completers, please see NECI Program Disclosure Information.