Bachelor of Arts in Food and Beverage Business Management

The Bachelor of Arts in Food and Beverage Business Management is a 15-month degree program (beyond the associate degree or other qualifying educational credits and industry experience) that includes six months of intensive classroom work and project-based learning, and one 9-month, non-resident term. The non-resident term includes online coursework and one 700-hour internship.

This program is designed for students seeking to further advance their careers in the business and management aspects of the hospitality field. Upon completing the program, graduates are able to perform effectively in entry-level management positions in the hospitality industry, such as assistant kitchen manager, banquet or events director, manager in a small restaurant, or assistant food and beverage manager.

Educational Objectives

To best prepare students for work in business and management positions in the industry, NECI has established the following educational goals:

  • To focus on the business aspects of the hospitality industry, including purchasing, safety, beverage management, cash control, community relations, training, marketing, teamwork, accounting, business writing, and entrepreneurship.
  • To develop the personal and professional skills needed to succeed, including negotiation, motivation, time management, business etiquette, self-awareness, and team creation.
  • To improve critical and creative thinking skills.
  • To develop conversational skills in Spanish—the second most-used language in the industry.

These educational objectives inform all facets of the program, from the curriculum and teaching techniques to the code of student conduct in the classroom, and serve as important guidelines for all those in the program.

Specialization Options

NECI offers three specialization options within the Bachelor of Arts in Food and Beverage Business Management that allow students to enhance their learning and enter the industry with stronger skills in the following areas: Wine and Beverage Studies; Sustainability; Baking and Pastry Arts.

These unique specializations allow students to focus aspects of their program on topics of special interest to them within the contemporary management and hospitality industry. Students work with a program coordinator to design assignments and projects during their residency, to select focused electives (6–9 credits) and to secure an internship (15 credits) that supports their specialization.

Wine and Beverage Studies Specialization

Effective management in the hospitality industry often requires advanced knowledge of the role that beverages play in the menu, from both an aesthetic and business perspective. This specialization emphasizes the development of a broad understanding of viticulture, wine-making, distillation and brewing processes; a refined ability to assess fine beverages; an appreciation for the varietal, cultural, historic and societal influences on the wines of different countries; a solid aptitude for pairing beverages to a wide range of cuisines; and comprehensive knowledge of marketing and distribution within the alcoholic beverage industry. Internships include positions in the fast-growing alcoholic beverage industry as winery marketing representatives, importers, wholesale sales managers, or at retail outlets.

Sustainability Specialization

The future success of restaurants, hotels and larger-scale hospitality enterprises depend upon professionals who have experience and expertise in sustainability practices. Sustainability awareness and practical considerations are essential to culinary leadership. Students in this specialization will learn how to source local foods, work in an environmentally conscious manner, and make decisions in a global marketplace. Internships range from leading multi-site hotels and restaurant corporations, to third party certifying organizations and national/international organizations devoted to the future of food. The sustainability specialization prepares students for broad range of careers within the field of food service and hospitality, as well as for advanced education in law, the environment, agriculture, and food policy.

Baking and Pastry Arts Specialization

The baking and pastry specialization designed for students holding an associate’s degree in occupational studies in Baking & Pastry degree. The baking and pastry specialization will prepare students to act as managers or pastry chefs in bakeries, cafés, pastry shops, or other large-scale outlets. This specialization is also ideal for those preparing for business ownership in the baking and pastry field. Students will use the lens of bakery operations as they develop their business, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills in the areas of staffing, cost control, and management. This specialization emphasizes the development of advanced skills in artisan breads and pastries, plated desserts, and decorative arts such as chocolate, sugar, or pastillage. Internships might include managing the pastry department in a hotel, assistant manager in a bakery, recipe development, or dessert catering.

At New England Culinary Institute, we maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio in our live-production kitchens as well as our traditional classrooms. While it is important to learn and expand practical culinary, baking, and hospitality skills, it is also important to expand your academic foundation which includes math, writing, professional development and depending upon your program, may include history and culture, economics, financial analysis, and more.

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