Academic Programs

Customize Your Culinary Education

Ok. You know you want to go to culinary school, but you aren’t sure which program is right for you. At NECI, we offer several ways to personalize your culinary education. After all, you will learn more about yourself and what you want as you progress. Each program contains several options. If you choose to deepen your knowledge, or feel you need more to match your career goals, you can apply credits to your next step.

In our Culinary Arts Program we offer a Certificate in Professional Cooking, and Associate Of Occupational Studies degree (AOS), and a Bachelor of Arts (BA).

In our Food and Beverage Business Management Program, we offer an AOS and BA degrees.

In our Baking and Pastry Program, we offer an a Certificate in Professional Baking & Pastry Arts, and AOS and BA degrees

In our Online Program, we offer a Bachelor's degrees in Culinary Arts,  Food and Beverage Business Management and Baking & Pastry.

Look at each program, come visit, take a tour, talk to students and chef instructors, and decide which path fits your goals. We’re here for you every step of the way!

“NECI was the best decision I ever made, both because of the professional network it opened up for me and the skills I learned. Some of these were simple skills—others, like how to have a professional attitude and how to focus on ingredients and treat food respectfully are much larger. Some people go to culinary school to become star chefs—it takes different qualities to run a restaurant like A Single Pebble. You have to know how to create schedules that work and how to work with people. You have to have the spirit of a craftsman—to tell the story of the food you serve. It takes professionalism but also a certain passion and craziness.”
--Chiu Wu Duval ‘03, Chef/Owner, A Single Pebble, Burlington, Vermont