About NECI

Learn by Living It!

For over 30 years our unique apprenticeship model has been NECI’s recipe for success. Small classes, kitchen learning from day one, long externships, and unparalleled personal attention--these are the raw ingredients of a NECI education. With our menu of programs and degrees, you can create the education you need to fulfill your dreams.

Since 1980 NECI has grown from seven students to an accomplished group of over 5,000 alumni. Our continued commitment to professionalism and real-life experience has given us a reputation for serious, creative, passionate chefs and food service professionals. Our students work side by side with skilled, dedicated chef-instructors in our celebrated teaching restaurants. It’s a tight-knit, caring, and supportive community. And it doesn’t go away when you graduate.

NECI is located in Vermont’s capital, Montpelier. Vermont is not only stunningly beautiful, its also the epicenter of the local and sustainable food movement. This is where you learn the true value of the best ingredients. Montpelier is a small town with a lot to offer: restaurants, bookstores, boutiques, theatres--all within walking distance of the NECI campus. Pick your season and your favorite way to relax: skiing, kayaking, hiking, canoeing, biking, woods, mountains, lakes, and rivers.

“It’s the perfect school for me—small town, small classes. I love Montpelier and I really thrive in a close community. I need the encouragement that comes from having close relationships with your teachers. The small classes also make it easier for me to ask questions without feeling like an idiot!” --Rhonda Wheaton ‘14

“NECI offers the most rigorous, standards-based programs available in culinary education. Everyone in the industry understands this. We know our students by name and we expect nothing but the best from each of them. That’s why, after NECI, our students get jobs around the world in commercial and private kitchens, in corporate dining, in hotels. NECI graduates are everywhere.” NECI Executive Chef Jean-Louis Gerin